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NGOs and Foundations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica ong y fundaciones

NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) are non-profit foundations dedicated to social, humanitarian, environmental or development causes. Learn about the organizations that are making a difference. Discover how NGOs and foundations in Costa Rica help build a better future.

NGOs are important in Costa Rica for several reasons

NGOs and foundations in Costa Rica winsa web 2024
  • Environmental conservation in Costa Rica

They contribute to the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, vital in a country known for its natural wealth.

ongs y fundaciones en costar ica winsa web
Forests of Costa Rica

We highlight some of the main NGOs in this sector

  1. Costa Rica Forever:

This organization was founded in 2010 as a public-private partnership to help Costa Rica achieve its biodiversity conservation goals. Also, they manage funds, execute projects and build long-term planning instruments. Consequently, they work throughout Costa Rica and are part of international initiatives. Their team is multidisciplinary and they value innovation, transparency, quality and respect.

2 –Environmental Bank Foundation(FUNBAM)

FUNBAM works to conserve biodiversity, promote social and economic development and guarantee environmental sustainability. The organization was founded in 2008 and has a history of working on successful projects. FUNBAM is governed by a Board of Directors composed of high-level representatives of the government of Costa Rica.

3- Conservation International Costa Rica

The organization’s mission, which is to conserve nature for the benefit of humanity, is discussed. This organization has been working in Costa Rica for more than 30 years. All achievements, that they have made significant progress in protecting Costa Rica’s oceans and forests. Conservation International Costa Rica is committed to using science, innovation and collaboration to achieve its objectives.

  • Social development in Costa Rica

They help in areas such as education, health and poverty reduction, improving the quality of life of communities.

1 – Building Smiles Foundation Costa Rica

The foundation was created to help children living in poverty and at risk. They do this by providing them with education, health care, and other support services. The foundation also works to promote entrepreneurship among the children they help.

2- Children’s House Foundation

La Casa de los Niños is a non-profit organization in Costa Rica that works with children and adolescents at social risk in the community of Tirrases de Curridabat. Its objective is to provide them with opportunities for comprehensive development that allows them to complete their education and improve their quality of life.

3- Vital Human Development Foundation

The organization works with families, communities and public-private partnerships to benefit children from birth to 5 years old through innovation and nutrition in educational centers. They collaborate with cooperation agreements with the municipalities of San José, Desamparados and Alajuelita.

  • Human rights:

They promote and defend human rights, promoting equality and social justice.

  • Citizen participation:

They facilitate citizen participation in issues of public interest and strengthen democracy.

  • NGOs and Foundations in Costa Rica – Innovation and sustainability

They implement innovative and sustainable projects that often the government cannot fully cover.

Robert Samuel Foundation

The Foundation supports disadvantaged youth in technical education. It was founded in 1932 by a couple from Düsseldorf, Germany. The foundation’s work focuses on developing its own aid projects in Central America and Asia. Cooperates with other aid organizations in Germany and internationally.

Costa Rica Youth Action Foundation

The organization’s mission is to connect young people in vulnerable social situations with real opportunities. To transform their lives through social inclusion and the development of successful educational and employment trajectories. They have three strategic axes: successful school retention, employability and coexistence, and a culture of peace.

NGOs and Foundations in Costa Rica

This article aims to address the great impact of NGOs and Foundations in Costa Rica in different sectors. We know that there are thousands of organizations throughout the country. However, we intend to address a small list by sector.

This post has been written by WINSA Web, an agency specialized in Web Page Design, Organic SEO for companies and NGOs.

We are experts in positioning Non-Profit Organizations in Nicaragua, Costa Rica. Our vision is to contribute to social action, promoting development with technology. We seek to cooperate with International organizations in different countries, implementing digital tools.

Since 2017, we have been supported by years of experience and work in the sector with NGOs.

How to promote my NGOs and Foundations in Costa Rica with a website?

To promote your NGO or foundation in Costa Rica with a website, consider these key points:

  1. Attractive and functional design: Make sure the design is clean and easy to navigate, highlighting the mission and vision of the organization.

  2. Clear and relevant content: Includes information about projects, impact, and ways to get involved.

  3. SEO and optimization: Use SEO techniques to improve visibility in search engines.

  4. Donation Integration: Make the online donation process easier with secure and accessible options.

  5. Social networks and blog: Integrate links to your social networks and maintain a blog with regular updates to attract and retain visitors.

  6. Testimonials and stories: Include testimonials and success stories to connect emotionally with the audience.


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How to reach potential international donors for my NGOs and Foundations in Costa Rica?

To reach potential international donors for your NGO in Costa Rica you must focus on Organic SEO, follow these steps:

  1. Keyword Research: Identify relevant keywords that international donors might use when searching for causes related to your organization.

  2. Quality content: Create valuable, optimized content that resonates with your audience, highlighting impact stories and local projects with global relevance.

  3. Technical optimization: Make sure your website is well structured, with fast loading times and optimized for mobile devices.

  4. Quality Backlinks: Collaborate with relevant international websites to earn backlinks, which improves your online authority.

  5. Blog and news: Maintain an updated blog with articles that address global and local topics, incorporating strategic keywords.

  6. Multilingual SEO: Consider offering content in multiple languages ​​to appeal to a broader audience.

  7. Use of social networks: Share your content on international platforms, using relevant hashtags and tags to expand your reach.

By implementing these strategies, you can improve the visibility of your NGO in search engines and attract international donors interested in your causes.

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